Cha Cha – [RonSoCold]

I apologize because I am a very weeks late to this, but not too long about Charlotte native + Lyrical Lemonade favorite¬†RonSoCold released a hot new single titled “Cha Cha”. It’s no secret that RonSoCold is one of the brightest young artists coming up in the hip-hop community, he has been for a minute now but these days it’s on another level with Ron, he clearly has been working on honing his craft and the great music he has been releasing is the evidence of just that. This joint here finds Ron gliding on top o a dreamy + glossy instrumental that was handled by Rio Leyva, attacking the beat with an evolved version of his trademark flows, creating a super ear-pleasing song in the process. Take a little bit of time out of your Thursday to listen to this brand new tune below, Ron’s a terrific artist and I know you will not be disappointed!

Produced by Rio Leyva