CEO Flow – [Gucci Mane]

When thinking of different artists who have had a glow up throughout their careers, Gucci Mane has to be towards the top of your list. He completely changed his life around physically and mentally while in prison, and when he got out, he truly turned into a real CEO. He has influenced an entirely new generation of artists, and his 1017 collective is as powerful as ever. This is evident after their reintroduction on the group’s recent collaborative album So Icy Gang, Vol. 1, which boasts 19 songs and features numerous talents such as Foogiano, Tay Keith, Mulatto, Pooh Shiesty, Veeze, and many others who all teamed up to drop one of the dopest albums of the year, at least from what I’ve heard so far.

Despite all of these features and guest appearances, Gucci Mane always needs to take some time for himself, because that’s what bosses do. Out of the entire 19 songs, he only does this once on the eleventh track, entitled “CEO Flow”, and he introduces listeners to a new side of him that is as creative and intriguing as ever before, which says a lot because of his extensive and fruitful career. Although I’m a few days late, he dropped off a music video to assist this cut, and he brings his words to life in one of the most interesting humble brags of the entire year.

Jordan Spencer helped put this visual together as Gucci takes his wealth back to the humbler beginnings he has come from, portraying the wonderful rags to riches story that he is well aware of and is somewhat known for at this point. A somewhat robotic theme is used throughout, showing off various activities being analyzed on a digital display, the first one being a highlight of his prison release date which was about 4 years ago, at this point. As the song actually begins, his all-red Rolls Royce is shown cruising down the street before a billboard advertising So Icy Gang, Vol. 1 is displayed.

As he rides around the streets of East Atlanta, fans flock to him trying to snap pictures and show off their admiration for the legendary artist. He ends up pulling up to an urgent care center to get a Covid test that comes out negative, although this is definitely necessary considering all the people he’s around and all the places he travels to. Eventually, he pulls up to a Texaco gas station, hopping out in his entire Gucci outfit that is complemented by the extremely icy chain around his neck and the watch on his wrist.

He then walks into the gas station, grabs a few snacks with his crew, and then heads back out to continue reciting his bars and vibing out, showing off stacks of hundred-dollar bills at times as well. Other than some electronic animations and his invigorating persona, this visual is truly touching, in my opinion, when fans rush up to him, asking for autographs and pictures to which he happily obliges and makes their days.

Whether you’re a fan of Gucci Mane’s music itself or not, you really have no choice but to respect his story and the fact that despite all of his massive success, he never forgets where he came from which is evident in every single one of his songs. Everyone on So Icy Gang, Vol. 1 also seems to have a similar upbringing which helps form this intangible bond with them, and it elevates their music unlike anything else. Although I still need to listen to the album from front to back rather than random songs here and there, I have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve heard thus far and I’m looking forward to the entire thing, without a doubt. Whether you’ve already listened to the brand-new album or not, make sure you take some time to peep Gucci Mane’s latest visual for his song “CEO Flow”.