Celebrate Life – [Charlie Heat] ft. [DRAM] & [Ant Beale]

We’ve seen some untimely passings in the hip hop world as of late and Celebrate Life comes at the right time. A collaboration between G.O.O.D. Music’s own Charlie Heat, DRAM, and Ant Beale, the track is a summer heater. There aren’t many artists who can induce a smile with something as simple as vocals, but DRAM is an act that oozes an undeniable positivity. Hearing him wail has a way to your heart.

Celebrate Life is an emotional banger, a song about focusing on the bigger picture. The production makes it easy to celebrate, Charlie Heat’s brass makes it impossible to deny the beat, as it propels into an undeniable groove. Ant Beale contributes some autotuned magic to jump-start the celebration, following a quick intro from DRAM.

If you’re having a bad day, put this one on. Music is inherently powerful, and this track has the sway of positivity on its side. You’ll feel unstoppable after you blast this one, trust me.

We’re not here forever, let’s Celebrate while we still can! Celebrate Life below:

words by Max R