Caught Up – [TyFontaine]

TyFontaine is one of my all-time favorite new artists that has taken the music scene by storm over the past year or so, and It’s even more promising that he’s only just getting started. After releasing a plethora of projects throughout the year, his workhorse mentality is obviously clear, but even with the overflow of new music he has put out, he definitely doesn’t skimp on quality in order to deliver quantity, which is something that is even more notable than anything else.

Despite his project We Ain’t the Same dropping just a few weeks ago, he isn’t finished releasing new, original content that fans are sure to just eat up. This is palpable with the release of his latest song “Caught Up” and the music video that accompanies it. Rio Leyva brings the beat to life with some ambient, outer space-like synths, chattering percussion, and beyond pungent, succinct 808s that provide such a special bounce to the record. As Ty begins, he repeats the fact that he can’t get caught up doing the same thing, but this ideology is clear when you listen to his discography and realize that hardly any of his songs sound even remotely similar whatsoever.

His personality is in full effect as he constantly rotates through various different cadences, deliveries, and intonations within his Rolodex of styles, and some of his background ad-libs are sung in some of the most angelic ways, providing even more depth to the offering than ever before. There is this unexplainable juxtaposition within his voice because even while some lines seem to come off as being somewhat soft or quiet, he steadily keeps power and conviction behind his words that don’t necessarily come off as arrogant, but rather confident in his abilities, as he should be.

As for the accompanying Sam McGrath- shot music video, Ty keeps things relatively simple when compared to some of the videos he released to complement his aforementioned album, but he knows how to bring so much vitality and energy to even the most minimal visuals, as can be seen here. In this miniature movie, Ty brings his talents to a gas station where he stands outside of his car smoking a blunt and dancing around while spitting some lines and showing off the unique, colorful outfit that he carefully pieced together.

Another shot takes him to what appears to be Hollywood Boulevard as he hangs out on the Walk of Fame, an iconic scene that I’m unfamiliar with personally because I’ve never had the pleasure of making my way out West quite yet. Another setting shows him hanging out the sunroof of a car that’s driving around, and even while the vehicle is moving, the camera remains completely focused on Ty as he spits his lyrics right into the lens. Aside from these clips, the camerawork is impressive as it seems to spin during certain parts of the song, and the effects that are utilized display certain shots in a lo-fi, homemade-like filter that provides some differentiation to some of the consistently used scenes.

While I can’t sit here and claim that this is my all-time favorite TyFontaine record, it’s undoubtedly one of the better songs you’ll hear all week and it’s tough to pick a singular favorite from Ty because his archives of music are just so perfect, in my opinion. I have yet to hear him drop a track that even slightly misses, and I’ve come to the conclusion that he couldn’t make a bad song if he tried. I’ve proclaimed multiple times in the past that his dexterity, personality, and pure talent doesn’t get nearly the amount of recognition that it deserves, but people are going to catch on sooner or later, and when they do, it’s game over for any of Ty’s unworthy competitors. I’m sure we’ll receive more new music or visuals within the next week or two because that just seems to be the trend that Ty follows, but either way, make sure you don’t miss out on his latest release entitled “Caught Up”.