Castles – [DJ_Dave]

While many of us are outside enjoying the freshly-bloomed flowers and rejuvenating mirth of the springtime, I am experiencing another flavor of rebirth – one so inevitable that I had to get the jump on it before it was too late. I am of course talking about my entry into the metaverse. Gone are the days of going to shows and expensive dinners, now I live glued to a VR headset lowballing users on Grailed for a Raf Simons Riot Bomber NFT. The future is filled with both lows and highs – one of them being my freshly-curated playlist celebrating the awakening of my electronic self, my better self. What better way to embrace forward-thinking movements than with DJ_Dave’s newest single “Castles” – which hits the DSP of your choosing this week. Heavy bass signals and ethereal vocals meld together in graceful symmetry over a dancing and ~kaleidoscopic~ mix. Sounding like the sacred lovechild between 2010 Deadmau5 and Grimes in a universe where Elon Musk never existed – DJ_Dave embraces electronic music’s uncertain future with open arms on what may very well be your weekly rotation’s newest banger. Entirely self-produced, written, and performed by the algorave pioneer herself, “Castles” is the first taste of DJ_Dave’s debut EP arriving sometime this summer. Whether you listen to it in reality with your friends or fused to your gamer chair, “Castles” is a refreshingly unique banger whose clever writing is just as impassioned as it is understated. With more music coming down the pipeline soon, now may be your last chance to become an early fan.