CASHIN OUT – [MuddyMya] prod. [CashCache] [Mexikodro]

MuddyMya has been creating a wave of her own in the undercurrents of Atlanta’s ‘SoundCloud’ scene if you will and has been building her impeccable brand and aesthetic through a series of stunning visuals and has impressed musically with her gentle, sing-songy flows and top-notch beat selection. She came together with the plugg-father-and-son of Mexikodro and CashCache for a sanguine and upbeat collaboration that was crafted perfectly for Mya to float over, flexing her endless bag of cadences and effortless ability to inflect her vocals with and without the assistance of autotune. I really hope Mya continues to dabble with the plugg-sound and would love to hear at least an EP of her skating over happy plugg beats and even collaborating with more of the artists in Atlanta who are also helping reignite that wave.