Cash App – [Shaunø Official]

It’s ok for an artist to not be absolutely flawless in every aspect of their music. I respect someone a whole lot more when they recognize their more natural talents, play to their strengths, and let the rest fall into place than someone who obsesses over trying to manufacture perfection however they deem fit. I also understand that some artists are early in their careers, so as long as they continue to work on their sound and get better in certain facets of their artistry, they’re going to go places in this business. Shaunø Official is an emcee that I just found out about, and I was beyond pleasantly surprised to learn that he’s from Carpentersville, Illinois.

Being a hometown kid, I was already intrigued, but after a quick Google search, I realized that he’s already on the radar of some major publications, Billboard being the first one that popped up thanks to his October interview with the company. “Cash App” is the title of the track that I stumbled upon, and I was absolutely vibing as I listened to it for the first time just now. I think one of the highlights of the track is certainly Chance Aka Duda Most and Keshaun Lyons’ production because it is just so pliable and free and easy.

This seems to match Shaunø’s personality seamlessly, and I mentioned all of the introductory information because I personally feel like he plays to certain underlying strengths more than the more up-front and obvious traits he possesses. To expand, his voice is simply not unbelievably unique, and I know this sounds like a diss or negativity towards the up-and-comer, but it’s not at all. Continuing on, I think that this is more than okay, because Shaunø completely makes up for this unchangeable characteristic with charisma in his delivery, out-of-the-box flows in his verses, and a natural ability to share stories that actually captivate audiences.

He’s not just saying words for the sake of the song, he’s expressing himself in a way that makes him stand tall above the rest, and I think these underlying qualities have helped turn him into one of the most exciting rising emcees to keep an eye on moving forward. It’s also important to keep in mind that he’s only just beginning, so with time and experience, we are undoubtedly going to see his name in the spotlight sooner or later!