Carnival- [Luke Almighty]

Last year we saw rising underground producer, Luke Almighty, create an abundance of hits with Chicago’s favorite dead man walking, Supa Bwe, including the tenacious track, “Ruthless”, which has been doing numbers on various music steaming sites -as well as a couple standout tracks on Supa’s debut album, Finally Dead. Today we are happy to premiere the latest Almighty x Supa collaboration titled, “Carnival” which Freddy and Luke have been teasing on social media  for a minute now. The beat begins with a looming, eerie carnival theme leading to the trademark “Supaaaaa!” cry which usually indicates Supa Bwe is about to spazz on the track which is exactly what he does. Supa flexes that he is, “On some underground Chicago shit”, and strengthens that statement with playful, bravado filled lyrics that resemble fighting words for anyone that the shoe fits. As the song progresses, Luke builds up more energy through the heavy bass elements while Supa gets more aggressive with his delivery giving us a spectacular performance from both talented artists. “Carnival” will be hitting Soundcloud next week, but for now you can stream Supa Bwe’s latest hit on Spotify and Apple Music below!

Artwork: Luke Almighty