car pack – [My Favorite Color]

If you’re looking to take a vibrant trip without actually traveling or doing drugs, look no further than My Favorite Color. MFC is one of the most vivacious, imaginative, and animated musicians that I’ve come across in quite some time, but his longtime fans already know this. I feel like part of the reason why I became such a fan so seamlessly is that some of his music and visuals are in a similar vein as Tyler, the Creator has demonstrated before, and considering Tyler is one of my absolute favorite visionaries out there, it only makes sense that MFC rapidly won over my fandom.

He has had a relatively slow start to the year, at least in terms of releasing music, but he is finally back with an infectious 2-pack that he calls a car pack. The first single of the two is called “Pink Lac”, produced by ALFii and Moedoisnice, and it even comes with a mystifying Globe-directed visual that gives us a glimpse at a younger version of the rapper while mixing together some scenes that prove his skills with the ladies aren’t to be joked about. The ending is comical, though, as the Pittsburg native confesses to his three admirers that the pink Caddy that he has been driving isn’t actually his, sharing more information that the Nissan beater is actually the car he whips.

The ladies showed their true colors, ditching him to reveal that they only liked him for his car, but a message shares that one girl stuck around and their story will be continued, so that’s exciting. It’s actually the perfect segway into the car pack’s second song “Nissan” that Nice Rec produced. This one features a similar jazzy, casual disposition as its predecessor, but it almost feels like the equalizer between the two records.

To better understand this two pack’s meaning, MFC actually describes the release in a press release that I had the pleasure of reading through:

“I’d say ‘Pink Lac’ is the dream and ‘Nissan’ is when I finally wake up… I see both songs as the perfect contrast between what you hope this rap sh*t is and what it ACTUALLY is before you get to what you were hoping for. In the life of a rapper, things like love become complicated, to say the least. On ‘Pink Lac,’ I was thinking I needed the glamour and glitz to find love, but it turns out losing those things is exactly what helped love find me. I don’t want anyone loving me for my Pink Lac , if they weren’t loving me for my Nissan. ‘Pink Lac’ is a metaphor for lust while ‘Nissan’ is a metaphor for love. Choose your car wisely cause it’s a long road, regardless.”

As always, My Favorite Color spoke candidly and eloquently, and I feel as if his explanation makes complete perfect sense. “Pink Lac” felt like everything was going perfectly as it would in a dream before waking up to the harsh reality that some people only like you for your possessions, not your authenticity. This reality comes to life on “Nissan”, and although it’s not necessarily a bleak, hopeless record, it is certainly a slightly more sobering and realistic representation compared to the first single.

Regardless of your takeaway from My Favorite Color’s most recent release, I am just beyond excited that it’s 2023 and we finally have some fantastic new content from the constantly evolving musician. If you haven’t done so yet, you seriously need to tap in with the latest and greatest from one of Pittsburg’s very best artists!