car less – [diiiiiesel]

If you’ve followed my writing at all, you might’ve noticed that I’ve mentioned how my brother diiiiiesel has put me onto so many of the artists I listen to whether they’re big or small, so it’s no secret that he’s heavily invested in the music scene. On the side, though, you might not have known that he’s a super talented artist and producer who has taken some time off to perfect his craft, but he’s back and better than ever recently.

Now, before I start getting accusations of nepotism or favoritism just because he’s my brother, take a moment and actually listen to the music. It’s legitimately really good, and that’s coming from me and my unbiased outlook. I’ve told him that if it sucks, I’ll let him know and I’ve done that in the past, but the past couple of songs he has dropped have been all-out hits from my perspective, and the others that he has in the vault only keep getting better. While he dropped off a Hyperpop-influenced song called “DONES” just a couple of weeks ago, he decided to go in a different direction with his latest record “car less” in order to show off his versatility and diversity.

I also should mention that he does everything on his own, writing, recording, producing, mixing/mastering, and even creating the artwork by himself, so the fact that he’s multifaceted with his talents is something so many up-and-coming artists should take note of. When it comes to the instrumental on this joint, he incorporates ambient, airy synths, consistent, chattering hats and claps, and bouncy, resounding 808s that tickle your eardrums in such an impeccable manner. When he comes in, he begins with a higher pitch that gives him room to diversify his delivery as he moves forward, and he does so wonderfully as he raises and lowers the tone of his voice nicely.

Throughout the entire offering, he remains calm, cool, and collected as he never seems to get too energetic or spastic, rather opting to remain relaxed and tranquil which works so well with the overall vibe of the beat. As he moves on throughout the hooks and verses, some background layers are pitched down, emphasizing his messages while almost acting like his conscious backing up his thoughts in such. An intriguing fashion that works well with the intergalactic aesthetic of the song. Aside from this, he rotates through a few different flows that bounce along to the instrumental effortlessly and pair with the rhythm seamlessly, ultimately leading to a truly well-rounded record that is perfect for a late-night highway cruise or a smoke session with the homies.

Considering I’ve been listening to his music for years, even though he hasn’t released a ton recently, I know exactly what kind of dexterity he brings to the table and that’s truly one of his biggest strengths. When I asked if he wanted me to include anything in this article for newcomers to his music, he basically just said he makes the music he enjoys himself. While he hopes that other people like it, at the end of the day he’s having fun so whether he gets 1 listen or 1 billion listens, he’ll be just as happy doing this because it’s what he loves. I’m excited to see what else he has up his sleeve moving forward, and I can guarantee that most of the other unreleased music he has shown me is truly a treat, so be on the lookout moving forward. Aside from that, make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and take a moment to vibe out to “car less” by diiiiiesel right away! If you rock with it on SoundCloud, make sure you presave the song on Spotify here as well.