Can’t Use Me – [Morray]

Although I’m not entirely familiar with Morray past a few of his major hits, it’s clear that he has the talent and the dexterity to make it anywhere he wants in the music industry. His voice is incredible, his story is captivating, and his versatility is obvious, adding up for a recipe that simply can’t go unnoticed. Luckily, he dropped off a brand-new album entitled Street Sermons that boasts 13 songs at just over 36 minutes long.

Considering the project has no features, fans can expect to get a spectacular taste of everything Morray has to offer, making it a can’t-miss drop for any fan of music no matter what genre you enjoy most. Along with this album comes a music video for one of the project’s stand-out tracks “Can’t Use Me”, an unbelievable ballad filled with passion and messages that ring true to all listeners in some way or another. In this flick, directed by Christian Breslauer, we’re introduced to Morray as he turns on his record for the world to hear at some sort of radio station.

While it seems completely innocent at first, we quickly realize that he tied up the regular radio host in the corner, pretty much holding him hostage as Morray continues to pour his heart out into the microphone. While others listen in to the radio station, they quickly realize something isn’t right as a lovely lady, as well as a couple of thuggish-looking individuals, come for him, not being able to get to him through the glass he’s standing behind. Eventually, we’re taken to a family dinner of some sort where people begin to turn into mannequins, which is a theme that rapidly takes over many other individuals that were shown throughout.

Although I’m not entirely sure what these mannequins represent, I think Morray leaves that up for your own interpretation, so when you check it out, you’ll see exactly what I mean. Aside from this, I haven’t had a chance to listen to Street Sermons in its entirety quite yet, although I have it at the very top of my list because I need to check it out as soon as possible. So, with that being said, make sure you tune into Morray’s brand-new visual for his record “Can’t Use Me” and then continue on to check out the rest of his first full-length album as well.