Can’t Stop Winnin – [Lil Def] feat. [$teve Cannon]

It’s undeniable that an incredible amount of talent comes out of Canada, and generally speaking, the talent comes from Toronto. That is not the case with up and coming rapper Lil Def. The young artist comes from the land of ice and snow. He is from from Iqaluit, Nunavut. Where is that? Exactly.

Lil Def is ready put his city on the map with his most recent release, ‘Can’t Stop Winning.’ Lil Def’s colorful and vibrant delivery allows his listeners to vibe the same exact way he was in the studio. The new single features $teve Cannon, who adds necessary diversity to make this song the banger that it is.

Produced by the legendary Zaytoven, the song has received the stamp of approval by many big acts such as Lil Pump, Lil Tracy, and more. Needless to say, everything about the production slaps. Zaytoven never misses.

The music video for, ‘Can’t Stop Winnin,’ is exhilarating, creative and fun. With new singles on the way, all eyes are on the emerging artist coming out of the Canadian Arctic.

Words by Barry R