Can’t Make This Shit Up – [Shaudy Kash]

I just cannot get enough of Shaudy Kash’s music lately, maybe because of where I am in life, unsure of my next direction and pensive over which route is best to choose, or maybe it is the large quantity of Detroit music I have been inundating myself with for well over a year now, but whatever it is, I am certain that Shaudy Kash is perhaps the brightest diamond in the rough in his talent-flush city. His maturity speaks volumes calmly and the large quantity of music he has already released and continued to do not only follows suit with his successful musical peers in the Motor City, but also to his personal dedication to his craft as an artist, a title I don’t give him lightly. He is in our pages today with his latest visual release, the title track to his recent EP, “Can’t Make This Shit Up” which was brought to life by the hands of Big4Boogie who works often with Kash and has amplified his reach greatly with his visuals that capture his laid-back pragmatism well. I am sure that Shaudy Kash has a surplus of music for us in 2022 and I can’t wait to hear it and look forward to hearing some more collaborations from him in this new year.