Can’t Get Over You – [Joji] Ft. [Clams Casino]

Gearing up to release the follow-up to last years In Tongues project, Joji looks to set the mood for his debut project in BALLADS 1 with a mind-bending visual depiction for his track, Can’t Get Over You. Produced by Roget, Thundercat and the notorious Clams Casino, the new SAINT & George Miller-directed cut follows Joji as he embarks on a very eventful rollerblade ride down a street. Looking to surprise his significant other with a bouquet of flowers, the plot quickly turns when she is found with another man and oddly enough, Joji seems to retaliate by cutting his hair and becoming somewhat of a rough-edged man with face tattoos. This may not make sense on the surface but if you happen to be familiar with Joji’s previous videos, this one fits right in there with the uncanniest of them. Waste no time peeping the new Joji below and stay tuned for BALLADS 1 on October, 26th!

Directed by: SAINT, George Miller