can’t fight the devil – [Zack Fox]

Zack Fox never fails to make me laugh or put me in a good mood. While his personality is just so charming and his antics on social media always give me something to enjoy, I feel like his music is often overshadowed by these comical actions, but he doesn’t seem bothered by that whatsoever. I mean, he came into music with one of the funniest songs ever recorded, but the thing that so many listeners overlooked was the fact that his creativity is unmatched, and his execution just seemed so natural.

Zack’s just one of those people that even if he didn’t get into music, he would’ve been successful regardless of what he pursued, so while I’m grateful he decided to expand on his music career rather than just dropping one track and calling it a day, I knew that he was going to be someone I’d remain familiar with for years to come. His imagination is simply too unique and interesting to ignore, so when he dropped a music video directed by Jonathan Salmon for his BNYX and Diamond Café-produced song “can’t fight the devil”, I was all in.

I honestly didn’t even realize it was featured on his recent EP wood tip, so while I have some catching up to do on the project, this record has me eagerly awaiting the end of this article to check out the rest of the effort. Most videos give us a few settings and various edits to go into detail on, but Zack surprises us once again, sparking up a wood-tip cigarillo as an homage to his EP, smoking it down to the butt before throwing it out of the convertible and driving away.

The entire time, the camera slowly pans out to reveal the rest of the barren parking lot, but that’s literally it. Still, this is somehow the perfect video to accompany such a distinct record, and although it was literally as simple as it gets, I got into the song much more than I think I would have had I not listened while watching along. Somehow, Zack Fox does it again with his latest visual for “can’t fight the devil”, so while it might not win any awards at the VMAs, I certainly think the song would be much different without this interesting take on a music video.