Cannot Do – [$avvy]

Nashville’s $avvy made an almost unforgettable introduction to his city’s music community with his debut project Boys Wear Pearls that released this past Valentines’ Day that was met with immediate acclaim both from critical and local feedback standpoints, and the twenty-one-year-old artist is only heating up. Today he returns with the directorial assist of The Vision who brought his track to life with the visual for the project’s intro “Cannot Do” that is as artsy as it is turnt, only scratching the surface of what he will be able to do visually going forwards. $avvy’s project was undeniably phenomenal and he clearly has a tremendous future on his hands but is still just beginning to find his sound and visual identity despite his unshakeable charisma and original swagger. I am so excited to see what visuals follow this release for $avvy and I can’t wait to see how he follows the now legendary Boys Wear Pearls project musically.