Cannonball! – [Sen Morimoto]

24-year-old artist Sen Morimoto has had his name lingering around Chicago for a while now, lending his lively compositions and smooth saxophone riffs behind the scenes of some of the most prolific projects that have emerged from the city’s underground. Now, Morimoto makes his full-length debut with “Cannonball!”.

Over 9 ambitious cuts, the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter lets the inner-workings of his psyche unravel, embedding himself into every aspect of his work. He ponders the thoughts that linger on his mind through dizzying flows and mesmerizing melodies, as he evolves the live instrumentation of each track alongside his ambiguous lyricism. Just when you think you know where a song’s going, Morimoto dives in an unpredictable direction that somehow also feels like it’s come at just the right time. On “Cannonball!”, Morimoto allows the range of his talents to flow uninhibited, refusing to be limited to any one genre or even any one language, flipping between Japanese and English bars on the standout track “This Is Not”. This is one of those projects that you could come back to again and again, and still hear something new every time. So, dive into Sen Morimoto’s “Cannonball!” below, and if you’re feeling it, peep his show at The Empty Bottle next Saturday with Chicago’s own KAINA and Qari: