candy reign (!) – [Jim Legxacy]

There’s a surge of young energy coming out of the UK right now, and Jim Legxacy is helping spearhead the movement with songs like this. “candy reign (!)” – and don’t forget the exclamation point – is a testament to the global quality of Jim’s music, rhythmic and infectious in a way that transcends borders while remaining singular and true-to-self in approach. It’s a no-brainer the moment you hear it, and for those that know, it even bridges generations with a perfect flip of Soul for Real’s 1994 track “Candy Rain.”

As if the song wasn’t lively enough, the music video for “candy reign (!)” ups the ante from here with constant movement, dancing, and singing, setting the stage for the way that a track like this strikes listeners. It’s hard to sit still listening to Jim Legxacy’s latest, which at this point, has become fairly common across his catalog. Legxacy is doing things on his own terms (word to the BBK shirt and what that symbolizes), and perhaps most importantly, he seems to be doing it with the people he loves in a place that he loves. With all of these things in line, it only follows that the music would sound as vibrant and authentic as it does.

Watch the new music video for “candy reign (!)” below:

Director & Producer @beingfidel
Creative Direction @Jim_legxacy & @lengurz
DOP @alex_sr3 1st
AC @arthurattenborough
PA @holllyhope