Getting to know: CamilosGarden

Once in awhile, I’m lucky enough to find an artist I really enjoy through press, searches, or simply stumbling upon them on a streaming platform. I recently came across Queens artist CamilosGarden when I heard “WHERE THE LOVE GO?,” a genre-bending track that immediately showed me his potential and skill set, and I had to go tap in. Sifting through some of his work, I learned CamilosGarden isn’t just a one-track showcase. He’s got tracks that have real substance and raw talent, and it’s clear a lot of other listeners feel the same, as his Spotify page claims ~92K monthly, while he’s also recently been featured on OnTheRadar for a freestyle and interview session.

After getting acquainted, next I had to get connected. I wanted to learn more, and with his talent – I figured a lot of other folks would want to too. Check out the Q+A below, and go peep his latest track “WHERE THE LOVE GO?” on Spotify here:

Introduce yourself to the world who does not know who you are yet?

My name is CamilosGarden. I’m an artist out of Queens, New York, soon to be global.

What is a song of yours that you would play for your idol?

Probably would have to be “WHERE THE LOVE GO?”. I feel like thats one of the more creative ones, we really took the time to produce it fully. The way different instruments come in at different sections is fire to me. Even the outro when I’m goin back and forth with the female vocal is crazy. That’s definitely one of my most proudest works.

Your OnTheRadar performance turned heads on YouTube, what was your mindset going into that and how was the experience?

I was in Colombia celebrating New Years with my family when I got the news that I was gonna be on OnTheRadar. Had to buy a flight out to New York as soon as I could. I wrote the verse on the plane back home and it was funny cause I know the girl sitting next to me was probably wondering why I kept shaking my head and whispering to myself the whole flight as I typed into my laptop. But walking into it, I really just wanted to do the best I could and try to show people the most authentic version of myself with the interview portion of it. I think it really aged well.

What do you want fans to take from your new effort?

I love my fans because they trust my vision when it comes to me building my sound. I’m currently in the process of paving my own lane, and I hope everyone who listens can try their best to understand that it’s bigger than genre meshing, we going international.

Where are you from? Also, how does your city help shape your sound?

I’m from Queens, New York. More specifically, Rosedale. Growing up here, I was exposed to so many different cultures and sounds. One of the reasons why I love Queens so much is the fact that I really have the whole globe a few bus stops away (not talking about the Flushing globe but even that too). Seeing the huge asian community in Flushing while I went to school and then grabbing food in East Elmhurst where there’s a massive latino community, ending it off with me taking the bus on the Ave where the Carribean culture is heavy was inspiring on the daily.

Who are some artists that influence your creative output? 

Everytime I listen to Lil Durk, I feel like I need to get in the studio immediately. The way he approaches all his tracks is crazy, he knows how to give you that emotion on the song every trip. Drake and Justin Bieber too, those guys always dropping flock.

What is your goal with music in general?

My goal is to use music to give me a platform where I can help the world in massive ways. I want to open schools, rebuild communities, and inspire youth all across the world. Music is a great way to start.

Fashion seems like something that is important to you, what is your process like when deciding what to wear?

I just go based off my mood for real. Some days I feel flashier than others, I might throw on some louder colors and less common cuts. Other days I might throw on a soccer jersey with some sweats and vibe out. All depends.

Who are some of your dream collaborators?

Would love to work with J Balvin. We both from Medellin and I feel like that could be a crazy crossover right there. Justin Bieber too. That was one of my favorite artists growing up so I feel like it’s only right.

What are your future plans after this project?

Keep blooming.

Where can we follow you on social media?

@camilosgarden everywhere!!!!