Callin Cali – [Kali Ash]

Especially when it comes to hip-hop-leaning releases, energy is key. From deliveries to production, cadences, and everything in between, energy is often what makes or breaks a song, and furthermore, what plays an integral role in a listener’s decision of whether or not to come back. Today, putting her thrilling character on full display, Kali Ash is here to master the art of energy with a new single, “Callin Cali.”

Incorporating a sample of LL Cool J’s “Going Back To Cali” beat, “Callin Cali” uses a flaring brass run to set the brakes loose on the high-octane instrumental. Layered on top are the 808s, some hi-hats, and a thunderous supply of kicks to match, all of which press the green light as Kali prepares to jump on this one. Once she does, there’s no turning back.

Refusing to miss a beat from the first second to the last, “Callin Cali” is unforgettable in terms of consistency, as each line continuously builds in momentum. By the end of the song, blending the brute force of her lyrics with the supercharge of excitement gained throughout the track, all of Ash’s energy comes to a booming closing moment, returning to the chorus and leaving listeners with no choice but to click repeat on what they just witnessed.

Reaching into every pocket imaginable on this track, and even supplying fans with an invigorating concoction of personality and technical skill, Kali Ash simply can’t miss on “Callin Cali.” Show some love and be sure to check the song out below — once you click play on this track once, chances are you’ll be stuck here for quite a while…

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Cas