Call Me Back 80 Times-[A5H]

An artist who goes by the name of A5H was by far the most pleasant surprise of my month thus far. As I was scrolling through through the deep folders of Spotify I came across a song that was a part of his most recent project that dropped back in April of this year. The 5 song EP titled, “December Ape” boasts some pretty impressive pieces, but none of them stood out to me in the way that “Call Me Back 80 Times” did. Ever since hearing it, the titular track of the EP has been on repeat non stop. It’s my go to song right now and I’m a firm believer that this will be the case for a lot of our listeners after reading this article.

22-year-old Ash Mathieu hails from Växjö, Sweden where he’s been producing for the last 6 years and singing for the last two years. When listening to his music, it’s extremely hard for me to box him in to a specific genre. I would cast a wide net and describe his style as being an effortless electronic fusion of pop, hip hop, and rock. With so many elements present in his art, it’s hard to imagine all of it working together as one, but A5H has found a way to mold all of these sounds into a cohesive blend that results in utter magnificence.

“Call Me Back 80 Times” is an experience that needs to be taken in with your full attention. I can’t stress how great this track is and I’m so excited for y’all to listen. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!