caffeine – [brakence]

A few years ago when I first discovered what hyperpop was thanks to some fantastic recommendations from my brother, I was blown away and didn’t quite know where the ceiling could be, or if there even was a ceiling on the subgenre in the first place. While some of the early artists I was listening to like glaive, ericdoa, midwxst, and aldn have become all-out superstars in just a few short trips around the sun, it still seems to be quite a niche category, partially due to the fact that there are no real boundaries on what can or can’t be created.

Everyone that’s classified in this subgenre could honestly be included in a category of their own, but one person that I think helped create the mold for this style of music is brakence, and he is only getting better with time and experience. The Columbus, Ohio-based star has dropped too many hits to count, and with a handful of singles being released in recent history, fans are certainly getting excited about his upcoming third album, a project that is rumored to be titled hypochondriac, although I can’t confirm this whatsoever.

The self-produced single of course includes his trademark glitches and electronic-forward melody, but it’s his delivery that will linger in your brain for plenty of time to come. His verses are incredible, but the hook on this song is simply addicting thanks to a beyond catchy cadence and an infectious flow that I couldn’t help but sing along with to myself ever since I first heard it a few days ago.

The COMINGOFAGE, Mattias Russo-Larsson-directed music video takes the track to new levels as well, where intentionally cheesy, hectic green screen edits are combined with super clean, well-shot scenes that really tell this intriguing story to expand on the narrative brakence shares in the record itself. To be completely honest, I have no idea when the album is supposed to be released, but I have been a massive fan of all 4 singles that have been released thus far, so whenever it does finally come out, just know that I will be listening to it religiously the moment it hits Spotify.