C.C. (Codeine Cowboy) – [Saucegod]

Being recently put onto his music, I quickly found something special about Saucegod, the Virginia native now residing in Texas. As someone who consumes a ton of different music from various artists and genres, it’s always refreshing to come across those artists who act as a hybrid, and are able to introduce multiple genres all in one song. After stumbling across his music, I went back and indulged in all of his previous work, and he has been on the grind for a few years now, continuously growing with each release. Today, here is the release of his latest single, “C.C. (Codeine Cowboy)”.

“I was visiting Dallas in the Summer of 2020 and got stuck here during the lockdown. Giving up pills had me in a weird headspace, but the upside of that experience was the birth of this record.”


After recently becoming sober from pills, Saucegod speaks about the thoughts he has about dropping the pills out of his daily consumption. Seeing as this can be a touchy subject for most, it can often be difficult to speak on at times. However, it has become something that felt like a step forward for Saucegod, and he decided to let that message live in the lyrics. Produced by JudahBeats, Sauce continues to rap and sing over amazing, genre-blending production, speaking about how even though one drug has been let go of, he still lives in the world of codeine. Mixing elements of R&B, Pop & Trap Soul, “C.C.” is the perfect melody that I know there are people out there that can relate to. Whether you relate or not, check out Saucegod’s latest single below!