Byron Juane brings the RnB nostalgia, with new single “Needs and Wants.”

I recently had the pleasure of discovering Byron Juane, the NC artist who’s bringing back some of my favorite facets of R&B. His latest track, “Needs & Wants,” features angelic instrumentation and a warm, inviting melody, tempting the listener to reconsider their satisfaction with reminders from a past lover.

What sets Byron apart in the music industry (outside his exceptional, old-fashioned R&B talent) is his authenticity, transparency, and honesty. He’s the kind of artist who wears his heart on his sleeve, and it shines through, expressing himself through melodic and nostalgic tunes.

I don’t know much about Byron’s journey, but with each release, he seems to reach new heights, and his hefty social media presence/following only adds to his profile.

What’s evident is Byron’s dedication to his craft; there are no breaks in his pursuit of creating meaningful music. His love for R&B and the emotions it evokes in listeners seemingly drive him forward. If his goal is to make music that transports you back in time, he’s hitting the nail on the head. Although relatively new to the scene, Byron Juane’s sound is exactly what the R&B scene has been longing for.

“Needs & Wants” is just another testament to Byron’s artistry, and I can’t wait to see what he delivers next. Stream it below!