By Tomorrow – [leavemealone]

All things considered, there’s really no way to tell which direction leavemealone will head next. The budding talent has become widely recognized for his notably nonlinear pattern of sonics, and today, he’s here to keep it going with yet another switch-up in the form of “By Tomorrow.”

For many artists, the idea of skipping around throughout different sounds without ever developing one main focus may be a disadvantage, but for leavemealone, it’s quite possibly one of his greatest strengths. Rather than jumping into uncharted territory without any preparation, leavemealone is always sure to curate just the right sound for the occasion, ensuring that he maintains a high quality of output along the way. “By Tomorrow” is the perfect example.

Produced by Stoic Beats, this dance-induced offering bends the limits to which leavemealone is capable, crafting a party-starter of a song without losing any emotional integrity in the process. As a result, the song achieves an enthralling balance between emotive storytelling and infectious rhythms, leaving listeners with no option but to dance along amidst such genuine bouts of reflection.

That said, leavemealone may be totally unpredictable, but he makes incredible music, and for that, we need to appreciate the rising talent. Show some love, check out “By Tomorrow” below, and get to dancing!

Produced by Stoic Beats