By The Mornin – [Puku]

Miami-native and emerging creative Puku has approached the year 2020 by the neck, and he isn’t letting up any time soon. This year alone, he has released a handful of singles, performed at the United Masters NBA All-Star event in Chicago, as well as landed a spot on the NBA 2K20 soundtrack with his single “Move Right Past”. His ambition has been nothing but enjoyable to watch as he maneuvers through the industry and lay the foundation before him to make his entry into the rap game a smooth one. Making another appearance on the Lyrical Lemonade platform, Puku is back with his latest single, “By The Mornin”.

Puku’s sound has been one that is right up my alley, for he is one of the few artists that I frequent that can deliver an entirely new vibe on every song. His sound can’t be aligned with others in the rap game right now, and he plans to keep it that way. On his latest single, Puku is reflecting on situations that happened during a night out. Often so, we may not be ourselves when we are under the influence. That said, a moment of clarity usually comes the following morning, when those substances have worn off and the mind is more clear. The production on this record aligns perfectly with the subject matter of the song. So much so, that one could close their eyes and imagine how this scenario may play out. Pushing his vocal limits and playing with various cadences, Puku hits the nail right on the head with this one, and has yet again crafted another hit. During an exchange between him and I, he spoke about the meaning behind “By The Mornin”:

“Nowadays everybody has 2 sides to them–a side that represents your ego, and a side that represents you accepting and being open to the things you really want or want to do. Nowadays, people let one small thing fuck up their whole night, and then start to show out for no reason. Once that ego comes out, they don’t hear anything until the next morning when they’re in a better mind state. Most would rather talk about a situation in the morning, after they’ve calmed down and gave it more thought. But imma have a great night regardless, so I guess I’ll see you by the morning.”

Stream “By The Mornin” below and connect w/ Puku on Twitter!