Butterfly Wings – [FELIVAND] x [Wes Singerman] x [Taydex]

“Sometimes I feel really protected and guided by a higher universal force and other times I feel defeated and clueless as to why things happen the way they do. I wrote this song when I felt directly in the middle of those two perspectives. Animation felt really fitting for ‘Butterfly Wings’ as it meant we could be playful and fluid with our ideas and create the glowy, curious, celestial sort of realm I had in mind” – FELIVAND

Brisbane, Australia’s superstar artist FELIVAND returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a fresh new track titled “Butterfly Wings.” Produced by Wes Singerman and Taydex, the track employs a modern instrumental groove to accompany FELIVAND’s warm neo-soul vocals. As if she were rapping, the entire song flows seamlessly despite alternating its pace multiple times over. Unsurprisingly, the chorus is memorably addictive; a quality that listeners can always count on in FELIVAND’s music. Conceptually the track is spiritual, but even without context the otherworldly energy is immediately felt via the glorious production and vocal counterparts. Overall, “Butterfly Wings” is yet another exceptional addition to FELIVAND’s catalog and additional testament to why she’s one of my favorite artists. Have a listen below!