Bam Marley radiates positivity with new release, “Bussin.”

Bam Marley continues to etch his own legacy into stone, most recently with his single “Bussin.”

Though coming from reggae roots, the talented musician boasts a toolkit full of talents both instrumentally and vocally, allowing him to have a wide spectrum of sounds he can pull from at his will. As if his abilities as a percussionist, guitarist, and pianist weren’t enough, his vocal talents are on full display here – in a style of delivery that I can adamantly say is a favorite of mine. Being able to create such a variety of music – reggae, soul, hip-hop, R&B, and more – makes Bam an invaluable asset in music, and puts him in a rare category that a select few can say they belong to.

“Bussin” reflects that unique artistry, showcasing a melodic, feathery delivery that results in a feel-good, easy listen. Whether you’re working hard in the coffee shop, on your way home on a Friday after a long week, or tidying up the crib on a sunny Saturday morning, “Bussin” is the track for the moment. He describes his intention with the track here:

“To Influence culture on the highest level through Art, Fashion, and Activism is the mission.”

The track speaks on themes of positivity, enjoying the moment, and taking in the little things. We could all use a little more Marley.

Stream “Bussin” by Bam Marley below!