Burden – [Bones]

Just yesterday, I wrote about Xavier Wulf and how much of a legend he is in the underground. At the same time, I didn’t even realize that Bones had dropped a project, but as soon as I found out, I knew that it was only right to show that man as much respect as possible as well. After all, he is often looked at as the godfather of the underground music scene and has undeniably paved the way for pretty much any SoundCloud or underground artist you can think of. Without him, there’s literally no telling what the music scene would look like in this day and age, but I’m beyond grateful that we don’t have to witness that, and I’m even more ecstatic that Bones is still making some of the best music in existence even after so many years.

The aforementioned project I’m talking about is called Burden, and it’s legitimately one of the best things you’ll hear all month if not longer. After so many years in the industry, many artists can get stale and fall off, but Bones is one of the select few that has not only been able to survive but also thrive. He does so because his versatility is absolutely unmatched by anyone else I can even think of. Burden puts the variability on full display and it’s obvious after the first few songs, because some are much lighter, more melodic piano-driven instrumentals that Bones sings in his airy, wistful style, and others are gritty and underworld-esque, allowing him to reach down in the depths within himself and pull out this demonic side of him that is full of attack and assault.

I like so many songs for so many different reasons, and while I often try to pick a couple of favorites to make sure people zone in on those, I’m honestly struggling to decide because they’re all just so fantastic. Songs like “Brimstone”, “Aluminum”, and “DontTellMomTheBabySittersDead” are spectacular because these are the cuts where he allows some sort of demon to come out from within himself as he spits some ruthlessly captivating bars. What’s even more insane is the fact that he has different deliveries that represent this individualistic style, so although they evoke the same emotions within me personally, he sounds like 3 different people. Two of the three previously mentioned tracks also include the only two features on the album in the incredible Xavier Wulf and Eddy Baker.

Beyond these songs, there are other cuts like “SafeAndSound”, “WannaSeeMyKnifeCollection”, “Ethanol”, and “TheWaitingGame”, which change the vibes to a much more soft and calming feeling that is still packed with emotion and passion. Some of these might include heavy acoustic guitar riffs or piano keys that provide an almost Indie sound that Bones’ vocals complement so well while others are almost R&B/underground grunge influenced in such a peculiar yet enthralling combination.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to think that anyone is ever going to make as big of waves as Bones has throughout his career, and he’s not even close to done. He was the original workhorse, putting out countless songs, projects, and visuals before anyone else thought to do so, and although his consistency has maybe dwindled due to the fact that it’s hard to keep up with his level of output, his perfection has skyrocketed. Burden contains 14 brand-new songs that last just under a half-hour, and although it might be a random project that Bones gifted fans to appease their hunger, it’s actually an album that is going to further his legacy in my eyes more than ever before which makes it a must-listen for any fan of the legendary underground icon.