BUMPIN 16’S-[Colby Lafayette]

Colby Lafayette is making his debut appearance on Lyrical Lemonade today for an impressive showing that is not only getting me excited for his music right now, but also for all that is to come in his future. 

The Massachusetts native made it onto my radar a little while back and ever since, It’s been a pleasure getting to indulge into all of his art. From the moment I heard the music, I sent it to a good amount of my friends and the reception was astounding. Texts like, “This is fire” or “Who is this guy?” were among the most popular responses, which just points to the unique style and refreshing sound that Colby possesses. Now residing in Los Angeles, California, Colby is ready to make his mark after recently signing to DND Music Group. Today, he’s making it onto Lyrical Lemonade for the release of his brand new single called, “BUMPIN 16’S”; an offering that’s going to turn people into fans as soon as they hear it. The 2 minute and 50 second track has so many cool elements in there including a stellar guitar and beat switch that will leave you utterly speechless.

Artists like Colby Lafayette just don’t come around often and whenever they do, its important to take notice and celebrate what we’re witnessing. With an already impressive discography, “BUMPIN 16’S” is just the beginning of what looks to be an amazing ride. I’ve attached the song down below, so give this track a listen when you can and tap in with Colby Lafayette and DND Music Group; What they’re cooking up over there is special!