Bulletproof Love – [Biggie Babylon]

San Diego-based award-winning entertainer, entrepreneur, branding genius and rapper Biggie Babylon is back on the radar with his new single “Bulletproof Love,” marking a step closer to the release of his upcoming album Coronado California, produced by Thom Genius, Mev The Renegade, and Dabato. With 3 albums under his belt, and a fourth one in the making, Biggie Babylon’s sound has been in perpetual evolution over the years, starting off with a savvy blend of EDM-Hip-Hop to trap, and today leaning towards a fusion of rhythmic pop and rap, the ideal formula to appeal to both connoisseurs and mainstream audiences at once. Inspired by industry icons including Puff Daddy, Master P, and Russel Simmons, Biggie Babylon is all about breaking the stereotypes that his community had set for him, telling him he would never accomplish more than just owning stores and gas stations. A direct descendant of the Babylonian people, The Chaldean rapper and cannabis mogul has spent his life balancing out between creativity and impact, both in business, music and life.