Bryan Bandit gets his assist from Veeze in “Living Off The Phone.”

Hip-hop fans are in for a treat with the explosive collaboration between Louisville artist Bryan Bandit and Detroit star Veeze in their latest release, “Living Off The Phone.” The track showcases undeniable talent and chemistry between the two artists and their producer, cementing itself as a summer hit as they go bar for bar over the top of a perfectly fitting beat produced by Manny Montana.

Veeze, a rising superstar in the Detroit hip-hop scene, continues to impress with each new release, and “Living Off The Phone” is no exception. Teaming up with Bryan Bandit, a talent worth paying attention to, the duo delivers an electrifying track highlighting their lyrical prowess and undeniable synergy. The song’s well-rounded nature and high energy leave an impact, garnering 22K+ views on YouTube in under a week.

Accompanied by a visually stunning music video produced by Shooter Jimmy and OML Media, this release is an all-around win for everyone involved. Produced by Jimmy and OML Media, the video features unique shots and immersive transitions that beautifully enhance the song’s message.

I’m expecting to hear Bryan Bandit’s name come up more in the future, and as always I can’t wait to hear more of Veeze. Check out “Living Off The Phone” on YouTube below!