BRUISE BOY – [Jean Dawson]

When it comes to Jean Dawson, expect the unexpected.

I recently came across Jean Dawson and it’s definitely been one of the most interesting experiences getting to know his music. Each song is a vastly different experience, sound, and, in some cases, language than the one before. What they all share is Jean’s palpable energy.

His new video-assisted “BRUISE BOY” only reinforces and encapsulates Dawson’s star power and diversity. The hook has a distinct pop/rock feel with Dawson’s off-kilter crooning backed by¬†devastatingly catchy riff, but he seamlessly transitions into more of rap feel with a jutting flow. In the second verse, he uses a slower, softer crooning that sets up the genreless, cascading instrumental outro. All of this brought to life with a trippy, colorful, video that captures the songs frenetic beauty to a T.

Rock. Rap. Pop. Call it what you want, but one thing’s clear, Jean has “it.”