Bruce – [Eddy Niz]

Eddy Niz is a rare breed and I have seldom encountered other rappers who have a skillset quite like his. He is without question one of the best lyricists I have come across, but not in the lyrical gymnastics or backpack rap sense, but rather he is a mastermind of references to drug dealing, credit card fraud, and even obscure NBA players. For example, in Niz’s latest visual for his Topper Atwood & ESCPE produced track “Bruce” Eddy opens the track with an absolutely astounding two bars, saying “She came to the crib and went off the dome, said I made her Sway in the Morning, wanna kick it like she Bruce, but I’m more like Swae she can’t stay till the morning,” and it is tongue twisters like these that set Eddy apart from his competition. The “Bruce” video was directed and edited by Callisto Visuals. Eddy Niz is easily one of the most talented rappers I have ever met and it is only a matter of time until the masses begin to recognize his ability.