Brothers- [Maxo Kream] ft. [KCG Josh]

When I think of one of the best cities in the country producing some of the most unique artists, Houston is at the very top of my list. While Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and even Chicago have a surplus of artists creating music in a similar fashion that pairs with their respective regions, it seems like no Houston artist sounds even remotely similar to their peers. Travis Scott obviously has the world in his palms with his unique sound, Megan Thee Stallion has taken the world by storm with her unapologetic style, and Maxo Kream rounds out the list with his ruthless, gritty demeanor. Although all of these artists are incredible in their own rights and even work together to bring their city into the spotlight, Maxo has been one of my favorite H-town rappers from the first time I heard his music.

Last year’s project Brandon Banks was one of my favorite albums of the year because the narrative throughout touched on so many different topics near and dear to Maxo’s life. Whether he discussed life in the streets, the loss of loved ones, or many other topics, he did it in such a way that you could tell just how much these things shaped him into the person he is today. “Brothers” was a standout track, in my opinion, utilizing light, robotic synths and chattering percussion for the production. Maxo’s deep voice flows so well over this beat, switching up cadences and remaining fresh throughout the song’s duration. He talks about his life with his brothers, whether they’re actually blood-related or just friends that he’s so close with, he considers them family. This includes tales of struggling, grinding to make it in the music industry, and just always having each other’s backs whenever they needed to. KCG Josh, who is actually Maxo’s older brother, comes in for the second verse, offering a similar flow to that of his counterpart, just in a different style. He also continues on to talk about some similar subject matter as Maxo, and even says that although they’ve stolen from each other and done some not so great things, they’d actually kill for each other and that’s something that will never change no matter what.

I bring this song up because it now has a music video to back up the already incredible track. It appears almost as if it’s a family reunion of sorts as Maxo and his group of brothers get together and chill. They can be seen wearing shirts that pay homage to Maxo’s dearly departed actual blood brother, who was unfortunately killed just last month in a shooting right outside of Los Angeles. Although this song was already near and dear to Maxo’s heart, the visual takes us beyond his hangout to a sort of vigil that honors his late sibling. Although there is sadness and grief in the air, this doesn’t prevent the group from smiling and having a good time celebrating life and the people who have stuck with him through everything. Seeing KCG Josh and his younger brother vibe so well on a track makes it clear that they have a bond with each other and their deceased brother that can’t be broken by anything no matter what, which just levels up the meaning of this offering.

Although this song could have very easily taken a turn and got sad and mournful, it didn’t. Rather than looking at the downsides and gloominess that could have been easily highlighted, they took the high road and wanted to celebrate the positives of having people they know they can count on no matter what the situation might be. The humanizing nature of the visual gets a bit depressing considering there’s actual video clips of his departed sibling as well as an abundance of shots at a gathering where they remembered him, but other scenes show the group smiling and enjoying each other’s company because they know life isn’t guaranteed and they want to enjoy the blessings that have been brought to them through one another. I’m sure you’ve heard this track plenty of times by now, but make sure you check out the touching new visual for Maxo Kream and KCG Josh’s fantastic song “Brothers”.