Brother – [Exodus1900]

Not a single living soul could ever match the type of artistry that Exodus1900 withholds. This unfathomably adept creative mind is making music that defies just about every set convention across any and all genres — in turn, they have manufactured a sound completely of their own from every which way imaginable. 

Rich with guttural screams that bleed so elegantly into their turbulent mix of vocals and distortion-filled instrumentals, their performance on each and every track not only sounds unlike anything ever before, but it is laced with the lyrical potency of a modern songwriting genius with its equally straightforward as it is disorienting tones and themes alike. 

Amongst a discography with absolutely no misses inside of it comes their latest single offering in “Brother.” More than any other song that had preceded it, this track is the simplest and most optimal example of what makes this marvelous talent who they are as an artist. It is infused with all of those aforementioned facets in their most digestible package yet, creating a track that could very well make these claims clear to even more people who are not in the know about this outstanding act.

Recruiting Sadbalmain for a typically-distorted yet out-of-its-way instrumental, they soar over the beat and practically use their own delivery as an instrumental aspect in itself. These descriptions come from just how finely-placed their long and drawn-out ad-libs are in the track’s entire mix; their status fits perfectly in the background while still being so upfront in their abrasiveness at the same time.

Above the beat and their ad-libs alike is a vocal performance that is so typically remarkable for this master of their craft. They elegantly flow over those aspects of the track with a delivery that is just as catchy as it is sporadic and bizarre. All the while, they come through with a tale of confusion, angst, and self-pity in a completely out of the ordinary narrative here. These lyrics are all over the place in the best way imaginable, perfectly capturing the surreal setting that the sounds of this track present from a thematic perspective. 

Though Exodus1900 seems to accomplish this same feat on every single offering they come through with, “Brother” has set them further apart from any other musician currently working. We are dealing with a figure that has manifested a spot in the limelight that no one could even dare to reach, let alone replicate in any sort of way. Because they keep topping themselves on each go around, not a single person can predict just how much better things will keep getting for this must-see talent as time continues to move forward.