Bröthel – [The Bröthel]

Although music groups are becoming a thing of the past more often as the years go by, I definitely respect a duo’s ability to piece together interesting music on their own accord. I feel like if you add a third or fourth person to a group, it can become very easy to operate according to your own agenda and lose focus of the collective’s vision, so a tag team is really the way to go. I may be new to the likes of California-based duo The Bröthel (an acronym for beautiful. relationship. occasionally. transferring. his and her. energy with love), comprised of Camden Premo and JohnBorn, but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t completely compelled by their story.

In the press release that came with their brand-new self-titled album Bröthel, I discovered that although they’re not related, they are two good friends who share birthdays within a week of one another. This connection, along with all of their other common interests like 80s music, appears to bring them together on a spiritual level as well, allowing them to experience a like-mindedness that you don’t easily find with others. You can hear this in their music, too, especially on their latest album, because they just seem to vibe off of one another so well. It’s not an easy feat, either, considering their out-of-the-box, 80s-inspired mashup of R&B and hip-hop is so uncharacteristic yet mesmerizing.

Sure, these two genres are often aligned, but they aren’t typically seen overlapping like this, so whether they’re singing, rapping, or mixing them together, the concoction ends up being pretty tantalizing if you ask me. Even with the overtly sexual narratives that unfold throughout, the group uses these things as a way to push past the physical aspects of their subject matter and take a deeper look to reveal the true meaning of their tracks. Apparently, their live shows get even crazier as they give fans an actual experience rather than coming out on stage to sing karaoke along with their audiences, so the showmanship that these two artists display is done in a way that will last for years, not just for the time being.

My interest is certainly piqued after hearing this duo’s latest album, and while it might not be my go-to style traditionally, it is a breath of fresh air that can absolutely help break up the monotony that can ensue when you pay as close attention to music as I do. With that being said, I definitely recommend checking this project out if you want to break the mold and experience something you most likely won’t hear from anyone else in the current day and age of music.