Brooklyn upcomer MaxxAP looks to shake up the industry with “LAMB CHOP”

The Bakery Studio cooked up a solid visual, directed by Midas, to Brooklyn artist MaxxAP’s latest joint “LAMB CHOP,” an uptempo banger that features a unique vocal flavor not many others can offer.

I’ve never heard MaxxAP before, but when I was put onto this track it felt different, something that’s going to shake up NY’s scene. Intriguing flow switch-ups and a rangy melody are what had me interested, and I think others listening will feel the same.

The video features MaxxAP and his crew posted with lavish whips vibing to the track with high energy that’s matched in the song. Great lighting, transitions, and cinematic shots make the visual pop, just adding more flavor.

Check out MaxxAP’s song and visual “LAMB CHOP,” on YouTube below!