Broken Records – [Boofboiicy] [WARHOL.SS]

Talk about a power duo. Today, in a joining of forces that rap fans will undoubtedly be ecstatic over, BOOFBOIICY is here with WARHOL.SS to unleash a brand new joint mixtape entitled Broken Records. Very few artists have put together such extensive catalogs of bangers as these two, and hearing them together is truly an ideal collaborative effort. The mixtape is only 6 tracks long, but with all of the tremendous force that comes through each, trunk-rattling song, there is no shortage of personality and energy on this standout collection of records. With this, we simply need to credit the producers for bringing through the booming sound that defines Broken Records, considering credits from Vinso, UglyFriend, EQ, Badmon56k, Akachi, Cortdot, Kyblade, and Rob Surreal on the boards. I could go on about this incredible pairing all day long, but you can check it out for yourself at the link below!