Khadijah gets assist from Saucy Santana on vibrant track “Broke.”

New Jersey’s Khadijah, with the assist from Saucy Santana, released her latest track, “Broke,” a vibrant track blending sounds of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop influences into a catchy and confident narrative – and follows up her recent successful single “JPAY.” Hailing from Newark, Khadijah brings a unique flavor to the scene, drawing inspiration from household names like Doja Cat, Migos, Rihanna, Brandy, and Christina Aguilera.

In her own words, Khadijah is an artist who refuses to be confined by labels or categories. She uses her instrument to create music that resonates with her persona, and it’s clear in “Broke.”

The track dives into the conundrum of why men with no money often make the best lovers. Saucy Santana joins Khadijah, sprinkling his signature style and giving a nod to her “hot girl” antics. “Broke” is a high-energy, seductive anthem that’s sure to resonate with the ladies.

The accompanying music video only amplifies the song’s energy. With its bright and bold color palette, it’s a visual that captures the essence of the track well, with unlimited dancing, twerking, and plenty of charisma, somehow perfectly matching the song’s spirit in less than two minutes.

“Broke” is a testament to Khadijah’s artistic freedom and ability to create music that’s unapologetically true to herself, and with its hot girl energy, this track is bound to be a hit that keeps the ladies dancing from start to finish.

Check it out on YouTube below!