Bring It Back Remix – [Tyler The Creator]

You never really know where Tyler The Creator is headed next, but one thing remains constant: wherever he does choose to go, it’s going to be incredible. Today, we see this theme at full power as the Flower Boy himself drops off a remix of Trouble and Drake’s hard-hitting, Mike Will-produced song, “Bring It Back“. Inspired by the track’s eclectic drum patterns and infectious, pocketed rhythms created by the snare, Tyler takes to this beat with his signature, quotable lyricism. Bar after bar, we hear the CA star at his finest with a plentiful bout of flexes and clever wordplay, and all in all, the unexpected yet very necessary remix to “Bring It Back” is just what we needed to take on the second half of this week. Listen to the track below and if you haven’t already, listen to Tyler’s latest single, “OKRA”, here!