Bring Em Thru’ – [BabyTron]

If you are still sleeping on Detroit’s very own BabyTron at this point, it’s far beyond the time that you should’ve woken up. He is undeniably one of the most creative emcees from a state that is riddled with individuality and versatile personalities, so the fact that he is able to stand out so much is a complete spectacle beyond a shred of doubt in my mind.

I mean, I think moving forward it is going to be extremely difficult to top his song and video for “Emperor of the Universe” because it’s one of those things where when you have a song that boasts 21 different samples spanning over decades of eras of hip-hop, and then you get Cole Bennett to shoot at 21 different scenes on an iPhone, there really isn’t much you can do to beat that, but this doesn’t mean that he has hit his peak, or even came close to it yet.

Even with so many lengthy projects out, he still drops new records constantly, so when I saw that he not only dropped a song called “Bring Em Thru’” that was produced by JakeSand, Danny G, and Getta Beats a few days ago, but he also dropped a DotComNirvan-directed video, I knew he was back and better than ever once again. With a beat that is as deep, frantic, and scammer-inspired as ever, Tron shares another slew of well thought-out, ingenious, and groundbreaking new lines that seem to just naturally come to him out of thin air, and the mini movie that comes with it takes things up a notch.

This one takes things a bit closer to his normal aesthetic in terms of his other music videos as he just drives his whips around and hangs out in different areas of his hood, but I love how there were plenty of moments where his lyrics are brought to life visually which just seems to add another element of enjoyment and innovation. I am definitely beyond eager to see Tron at the Summer Smash in just a few weeks, but I know I have a lot of listening to do prior, and “Bring Em Thru’” is a song that I’m going to keep playing back time and time again until then.