Bring Boom Bap Back – [Avalanche The Architect]

If you’re looking for something to change up your listening habits, or something to transport you back to some of the glory days of hip-hop, look no further than Avalanche The Architect’s “Bring Boom Bap Back.” Frankly, the boom bap subgenera hasn’t always been for me, except for a select few artists and tracks. Avalanche might’ve found a sweet spot for this style right now, as some of the modern redundancy of the industry is steering listeners to switch it up and listen to things outside their norm.

Filled with vigor, Avalanche’s style feels like a fresh cup of morning coffee. Woke me right up. I found myself grinning hearing some of his bars throughout, and I think he does a phenomenal job lyrically linking his ideas from line to line, and doing so in a way that’s so different from the typical.

Directed by @dieselshotthat, the visual takes place partially in one of my favorite music video environments, the studio. I’ve always had a thing for seeing the process behind artists’ creative process, and in-studio music videos and behind-the-scenes tend to always remain at my favorite style of visual. Additionally, scenes take place in industrial or rundown alleyways, matching the raw unfiltered vibe that Avalanche brings with the song. Originally hailing from the Bronx, Avalanche has now found himself a solid niche among the great music of Toronto where he currently resides.

Jump out of your own listening comfort zone and back into the greatness of boom bap with this piece from Avalanche The Architect, on YouTube below!