Brightside – [678Seppe]

Atlanta is home to a countless number of soon-to-be stars right now, and here to add to the list and pave his own lane is an artist by the name of 678Seppe. Today, he makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with an anthemic new offering, “Brightside”. Produced by nonbruh, the sparkling cadences and dreamy melodies of this song clash against hustle-minded lyricism. Seppe is up now and he celebrates this success, but not without mentioning the struggles that brought him here and the fake people that show up when you’re popping. With this, “Brightside” is an emotionally versatile release that clearly shows the artistic prowess of the ATL talent, and he’s more than ready to take the spotlight. Listen to “Brightside” at the link below and get hip to 678Seppe – by my guess, you’ll be hearing his name everywhere soon.