Brent Faiyaz — ‘LARGER THAN LIFE’

When Brent Faiyaz graced us with his hit LP WASTELAND in 2022, it not only showcased his willingness to lay bare the complexities of toxicity, infidelity and lust, but also shed light on his personal struggles with newfound fame.

A year after the emotional rollercoaster that left Faiyaz navigating a WASTELAND of desperation and passion, he gifted us with an unexpected treasure, LARGER THAN LIFE (Oct. 27). While pre-release singles like “WY@” and “Moment For Life” hinted at a new album, the surprise arrival of LARGER THAN LIFE further underscored Faiyaz’s undeniable star power as R&B’s sultry mafioso — marking his debut LP under his newly-established label, ISO Supremacy.

LARGER THAN LIFE introduces us to a different facet of Faiyaz’s artistry, steering away from the somber and desolate themes of WASTELAND and returning to the persona of the charismatic ladies’ man that has been a consistent thread in his work. The album’s theme becomes evident right from its opener, “Tim’s Intro,” where Faiyaz charmingly brags about his opulent lifestyle to a potential romantic interest, setting the stage for nostalgia to envelop us over the course of 14 mesmerizing tracks.

With notable features from the likes of A$AP Rocky, Tommy Richman, BabyFace Ray, FELIX!, Coco Jones, Missy Elliot and more, Faiyaz delves into the intricacies of his romantic escapades in his ongoing quest for true love. From crafting deep connections with his lover in songs like “Last One Left” and the enchanting “Outside All Night” with Rocky, to making heartfelt vows of fidelity on the enchanting “Forever Yours,” the singles — including “WY@” — capture the raw essence and plights of love.

Faiyaz’s distinctive echoed croons infuse each track with temptation, serving up a collection of slow-burning jams and R&B ballads that also pay homage to the late ’90s and early 2000s era — ultimately breathing new life into the sound. Faiyaz creatively incorporates samples from iconic tracks, such as Nicole Wray’s 1998 hit “Boy You Should Listen” in “Moment of Your Life” alongside Coco Jones and Rome’s 1997 classic “I Belong to You (Every Time I See Your Face)” seamlessly woven into “Belong to You,” which features a potent verse from Detroit’s  BabyFace Ray.

LARGER THAN LIFE thrives on nostalgia at every turn, delivering a fresh, invigorating sound only Faiyaz can master with such grace. Standout tracks like “Upset” and “Best Time” featuring ISO’s Tommy Richman, transport listeners back to sounds akin to Timbaland and Keri Hilson at their height — showcasing a brilliant exchange of oft-sung lines and ad-libs. Additionally, A$AP Ant‘s appearance on “On This Side” infuses the record with an East Coast flair, beautifully complementing Faiyaz’s magnetic vocal layers and intricate, bouncy production.

Crafted primarily by Faiyaz’s Sonder collaborator DPat, with contributions from Mannyvelli, SpizzleEdoe, L3gion and more, LARGER THAN LIFE truly lives up to its grandiose promise. The only missing voice seems to be Joony, the latest ISO-RedBull talent who unveiled his mixtape, MEMENTO,  just a week earlier.

Brent Faiyaz possesses a unique ability to captivate, a talent that the LARGER THAN LIFE emcee embraces at his very core.

Listen to this must-spin below!