Breathe – [Serena Isioma]

“Refreshing” has become an over-used word in the world of music writing, but sometimes, there’s just no better fit to describe a song — such is the case with an artist by the name of Serena Isioma and her new single, “Breathe.” Refreshing as can be, this song exudes emotion using a soul-stricken set of guitar riffs and Isioma’s atmospheric vocals. It truly feels like the sun on a picture perfect day, and the title “Breathe” so seamlessly fits this feeling, as this offering balances a beautiful line between relaxed and emotional. Lyrically and sonically, all elements of this one are on the same page, shedding light on the mark of a brilliantly-talented artist. With this, after hearing just one song, it has become clear to me that Serena Isioma is certainly an act to watch out for in the future, so check out “Breathe” below and hear what I’m talking about for yourself!