Breakout Rapper Kenzo B Drops Emotional “Gotta Go” Video

With every release, Kenzo B cements her position as an artist who fearlessly shares her truth through her music. Her ability to weave raw emotion and unapologetic storytelling has resonated with fans and critics alike, making her a rising star to watch in the hip-hop landscape. The 19-year-old rapper recently shared a relatable video for her searing breakup anthem “Gotta Go,” via Coke Boys/Warner Records. “Gotta Go” is just one of the explosive tracks from Kenzo B’s latest mixtape, Top 2, Not 2. Following the release of her bombastic hit “BFFR,” Kenzo B has been earning critical acclaim from some of the industry’s most respected voices.

“I was your lady and you was my baby, I hope that you know,” Kenzo B raps over clacking percussion and wavy guitar loops. “But now you moving shady and I’m feeling crazy, so you gotta go.”

Don’t miss out on the powerful journey of “Gotta Go.” Watch the emotional video now and immerse yourself in the world of an artist who isn’t afraid to lay her emotions bare.