Breakfast In Bed- [Stacy Money]

Stacy Money is back with an addictive new single which contains everything to love about the New Jersey rapper. “Breakfast In Bed”, produced by Yung Guapo, features a smooth synth in the background along with some clean drums that Stacy approaches with his signature cool, relaxed flow to make yet another hit. He touches on the theme of infidelity spitting, “I was getting to that bag you was getting lonely/ girl I thought you was the one until she fucked my friends/ I would never let you do me wrong like that”, so you already know all the jaded lovers are going to be chanting that bit real loud. With the excellent XOXOThe Yellow Tape and Icetober projects all released in 2017, this has been a pivotal year for Stacy Money as he has established his unique sound- a difficult task amongst an industry full of wave riders and imitators. Hit play below and get in tune now because “Stacy Money- in dis bitch hoe” is going to be popping up even more in 2018.

Artwork: Kodone