Breakfast – [Cochise]

It seems like more often than not, I find out about an artist thanks to a feature on a song I had heard long before I realized that an artist blew up and wasn’t just a one-off addition to a record. I feel like this is because artists truly are the best A&Rs, so when they find out about a musician who might not be the most well-known name at the time, they understand their potential and know that they’re going to blow up at some point or another. This is how I first found out about Cochise, because he was included on the song “Right Now” alongside TyFontaine on Internet Money’s super successful debut album B4 The Storm that came out back in 2020, and it was from that very moment that I became obsessed with the Florida-native’s sound and unique style.

His words might have been swift and hard to fully understand in the moment at times, but his personality and enthusiasm were two things that latched on to my brain and never let go. Since then, Cochise has blown up more than I expected in the period of time that proceeded that feature, securing a few viral records as well as some music videos with us here at Lyrical Lemonade, and this is only the beginning.

His music shouldn’t be anything even remotely new to you if you’re an LL fan, so when he randomly decided to drop his song “Breakfast” exclusively on YouTube, it should have been something you flocked to as soon as it dropped. Produced by a slew of hitmakers including nonbruh, paradyse, twoprxducers, and Cochise himself, this one includes some intergalactic sounds that combine with some chattering percussion and energetic drums that take things out of this world.

Even with such a unique instrumental, Cochise is never even close to being overshadowed throughout because his energy and charisma take the wheel and steer this one from start to finish, leaking into your eardrums and spreading to your veins as his infectious personality just takes over each and every listener and makes you want to get up and mosh with a crowd, as you’d most likely do at one of his live shows. Cochise is the definition of an all-out talent, and even though “Breakfast” is his first release of the new year, it’s definitely just the start of something special, so I am beyond enthused to see what else he has up his sleeves moving forward.