Break The Check – [Joel Q]

Joel Q is a rising rapper coming out of the city of Chicago and he is finding himself back on our website this morning with his brand new offering titled “Break The Check”. I have been a fan of Joel Q’s music for a few months now, he is a exceptionally intelligent individual and skilled emcee & you can hear this in his music, but this new jam still blew me away aside from me being a fan prior. He switched up the pace and hit me with something I did not see coming, I have known him to be a proficient lyricist who can go bar for bar with anyone but on this joint he provided us with a R&B/foot-working type of jam that sounds great. He managed to create a sonically pleasing jam that you could just nod your head to as it plays, or you can take a closer look at the lyrics are hear the vivid picture he is painting about women bossing up! Don’t take my word for it though, press play below and judge for yourself.

produced by @trippy4rmdacrib